Who are we?

We are the Pitt Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), a student-run club that aims to provide its members with hands-on experience in robotics. Through our club, motivated individuals are given the tools and resources to develop cutting-edge autonomous robots.

Our club was founded in 2013 and since then we've been able to work on many robots from maze navigating robots to autonomous drones, and now autonomous racecars! We are currently working on a 1:10th scale RC car for F1Tenth, full-sized racecars for the Indy Autonomous Challenge, and more. Our club is always looking for new members and would love to have you join us in developing cutting-edge technology for the future of robotics.

Full Scale Autonomous Racing.

Our team has been hard at work for years implementing fully autonomous software - for full size racecars. Join us in this unprecedented work and help us make history through a series of races hosted by the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC).

Always iterating.

Our team has now competed at two massive races as part of the Indy Autonomous Challenge and we're not stopping there. The MIT-PITT-RW team continues to refine and improve our software stack to get ready for the world's first, truly multi-agent autonomous race.


(Since less is more, right?)

What is F1Tenth?

The goal of F1Tenth is build an 1/10th scale F1 car capable of racing autonomously around a track and avoid static obstacles.

How can I join?

Just message us! No experience is necessary to join. Come help us build our racing platform, implement sophisticated control, interface with cameras and LiDAR, and integrate it all together.

Robotics Design Projects

A great entry point to getting started with robotics.


Robotics design projects will be mini, self-driven projects. There are a few pre-selected projects to pick from, but groups are allowed to propose a topic as well.


The total project length will be 6 weeks with the goal being to build a strong foundation in robotics and build a cool, fun robot. This project will be introduced in the spring semester of 2022.


The robotics design projects aim to bring together 2-3 students per project in order to facilitate communication and knowledge share. Each group will implement aspects of robotics such as software, electronics, project management, and more.

Looking for more?

Head over to our projects page to see everything that RAS is working on!

Interested in getting involved?

Help us to help you. Join our team of amazingly talented students.